Why handbuilt wheels?

Handbuilt custom wheels are designed with one thing in mind: the needs of the rider. Rather than assume that all riders are the same, handbuilt wheels are designed specifically for you, your bike, and your style of riding. With handbuilt wheels you can create a wheelset using the best components that will out-perform and out-last mass produced wheels. Handbuilt wheels are also made with standard components rather than proprietary parts. This means that your wheels can be repaired and rebuilt with less costs and less hassles.

How much does a set of wheels cost?

Like many things, it depends on what you’re after. Most our our custom wheelsets start from $1000.

Can I supply my own hubs and rims?

Sure, however be aware that rim quality can vary significantly between manufacturers so we cannot guarantee the results. We quality control all of own supply of rims to ensure high standards. If a rim measures more than 1mm out of round we will not build it.

Do you rebuild wheels with old components?

Yes. We rebuild and restore a large number of older wheels which maybe uncommon or part of a vintage bicycle restoration project that uses period correct components. Reusing old hubs rarely presents any issues, however reusing older rims can create a number of problems. Many buyers and sellers of vintage bicycle parts have no way to judge rim quality. Rims from many decades ago were generally made to a lower standard than those of today. If a rim is 1.0mm out of round (effective rim diameter) we will express significant concern about using the rim. If a rim is more than 1.0mm out round we won’t build it. Restoring old bikes to their original condition is something we admire, however we recommend using a new rim where possible.

Do you send wheels in the post?

No. Although we can send wheels in the post, we have made the decision as a business to focus on providing wheel building services for cyclists in Western Australia. Perth is the most remote capita city in Australia (and the world). If we send wheels all over Australia it is practically difficult to provide a continuity of service and support for our customers.

My wheel has a problem, can you fix it?

Yes we can. We are experts in wheel repairs and servicing. Please note that due the limitations on our time, same day repairs are rarely possible. We schedule wheel repairs and servicing on Fridays and Saturdays. If you wish to discuss a problem with your wheels, please give us a call.

Do you sell spokes?


Do you build eBike wheels?

Yes. We are experts in building and repairing eBike wheels. Please note that we refuse to build any eBike hub motors that do not comply with the Australian Federal Government and European Standard for eBikes. These standards specify a maximum 200watt motor on a ‘power assisted pedal cycle’ and a 250watt motor on a ‘Pedalac’ style eBikes which are intended for on-road cycling.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. All of our custom built wheels come with complementary wheel truing and spoke replacement for three years. This warranty does not cover wheels that are built with customer supplied components. It also does not cover regular wear and tear, crash damage, or corrosion issues unless. We honour all component warranties against manufacturing defects.

What are your opening hours?

We are open weekdays:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 9am to 6pm
  • Thursday 9am to 8pm
  • Friday 9am to 5pm