DT Revolution Spokes

DT says: In terms of weight, DT Revolution is the lightest round spoke in the DT Swiss spoke range! The diameter of the middle section is reduced to 1.5 mm during the cold forging process. This slim centre piece saves 161 g in weight compared to spokes with a constant diameters. Its use is very versatile due to the ideal ratio between stability and low weight. DT Revolution is a reliable partner for anyone looking for a light wheel in a classic design.

Melody says:




Material: X5 Cr Ni 18/10 Stainless steel (manufactured exclusively for DT Swiss)

Dimensions: 14G  2.0 – 1.50 – 2.0 mm, J-Bend

Weight: From 4.42 grams each at 264mm

Available lengths: 266-302mm J-Bend

Available Colours: Black & Silver

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