DT Alpine iii Spokes

DT says: DT alpine III is the spoke with the lowest weight in relation to its stability. This is accomplished through a complex production process. Starting with a spoke of 2.34 mm, the diameter is reduced at the thread to 2 mm and to 1.8 mm in the middle section during the cold forging process. This allows weight savings of 173 g compared to spokes with a constant diameter. Despite the light centre piece, DT alpine III is very durable and is perfectly suited for the big loads occurring in high performance e-bike or tandem wheels.

Melody says:



Material: X5 Cr Ni 18/10 Stainless steel (manufactured exclusively for DT Swiss)

Dimensions: 14G  2.34 – 1.80 – 2.0 mm, J-Bend

Weight: From 6.53 grams each at 264mm

Available lengths: 270-300mm J-Bend

Available Colours: Black

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