White Industries XMR Boost Hubset

White Industries says: The XMR+ hub set is our ISO six bolt disc BOOST hub.  The wider the better! That’s what Boost is all about and we are excited to have our new XMR+ hubs to meet that demand. Built with the same reliability that you have come to expect from White Industries components. This hub has been designed for stronger and fatter builds, with a wider hub stance we are able to push the flanges wider giving you a stronger wheel. We continue to offer the freehub body in 6-4 titanium as we think it is the best and most durable for this application, the drive system is available for Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11 and SRAM XD systems.  the XMR+  is outfitted with our high engagement ratchet system and is durable for all your plus size needs.

Melody says: The XMR+ is a great foundation for a mountain bike wheelset, particularly those seeking the advantages of a wider rims with the boost standard and the more demanding requirements of enduro mountain bike racing. What distinguishes XMR+ hubs is their durability and serviceability. With the corrosion resistant 6061 aluminium hubshell, CrMo axles, and Titanium freehub bodies, the XMR+ hubs will outlast almost any set of rims that can be paired to them.



Hubshell material: 6061 Alluminium

Weight:  179g (front) 302g (rear) (our scales)

Bearing size:  Enduro ABEC 5 6901 (front); Enduro ABEC 5 6902 (rear)

Axle System: 100 QR (front); 130QR (rear)

Engagement: Driver3 pawl/ 48 point engagment

Brake Interface: 6-Bolt ISO

Available drillings: 28/32/36

Freehub Body: Shimano, XD Sram

Colours: Silver and Black

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