Doug’s White Industries ‘Daisy’ & Velocity Chukker Tandem Wheel

Every so often I get the enjoyment of building a wheel that is a little bit more left-field. Recently Doug contacted me after the front wheel on his 1994 Trek T200 road tandem had finally broken with a cracked flange and rim that was on the way out. Unlike most bicycle wheels, a tandem wheel has double the stresses of a regular wheel and so it often requires tandem specific componentry if it is expected to last. Staring with the rim, we choose the Velocity Chukker rim with 36 holes. It weighs a beefy 640g and is essential a Deep V on steroids (see below). With a slightly wider 24mm rim, the Chukker was ideal for fitting 28mm+ tyres that are common on road tandems. The spoke bed is also extra thick and as such, 14mm brass nipples were required.

velocity_chukker_widthThe White Industries ‘Daisy’ front tandem hub was selected as the idea hub. In profile, the Daisy hub resembles a high-flange track hub with an increased bracing angle for incredible lateral stiffness (imagine out of the saddle climbing on a tandem). However, it also has some tandem specific features that are unique. Firstly the axle is oversized at a 15mm diameter and is made out of steel instead of aluminium. The cartridge bearings in the Daisy hub are extra large with two 6902 bearings for greater weight bearing capacity and durability. These bearings have a dynamic load rating that is 3 to 5 times greater than some smaller bearings used on many front road hubs. In layman terms, this bearing could expect to undergo 1,000,000 revolutions with a weight of approximately 440kg before it would be expected to experience significant wear. As this kind of weight is unheard of on a tandem, the actual service life of the bearing is much greater. Lastly, the hub end-caps have an oversized knurled surface so that the clamping faces of the hub and folk have extra ‘bite’ in the dropout. On a bicycle built for two, it’s essential that every effort be made to ensure that wheels are strong and they stay in their place.


Rim: Velocity Chukker 700c Silver (36 hole)
Hub: White Industries Daisy Front Tandem Hub Silver (36 holes)
Spokes: DT Swiss Champion (Silver), 276mm
Nipples: 14mm DT Swiss brass nipples (Silver)
Pattern: 3-cross