Tobi Payenberg

I am an enthusiastic (some would say crazy) single speed mountain bike racer from Perth, WA. From ~1989 to 1995 I raced downhill and cross-country for GT, Serotta and Dart and on the German national team before focusing on a career and family. After mainly commuting on a geared and single speed road bike for 15 years, I met a guy from Queensland traveling in the Kimberley’s and riding a single speed mountain bike. I thought he was totally crazy … and I have been hooked ever since. Why single speed you might ask? Why not …? For me, it is about simplicity. I just love riding. Alone, in a group, with geared friends and with full suspension friends. Single speeding keeps me on my toes, I get to show people that bike riding is about fun, and that you can achieve a lot with very little.


Some Results (mainly single speed against geared bikes)


Single Speed World Champs Melbourne: ~11th male from 400 participants.

Dwellingup 100 XCM: 9th overall, 3rd in O40s

Kalamunda 50/50: 1st single speed, 26th overall of over 500 people

Dwellingup D50 Duo: 1st single speed, 12th team overall with Nigel Adcock

Hardwood 50: 14th overall, 3rd O40s

Collie State XCO round: 5th B grade, 15th overall

Margaret River state XCO round: 2nd B grade, 17th overall



Cape to Cape MTB Stage Race: 51st overall from 1100 people, 15th in O40s.

Dwellingup 100 XCM: 35th overall of 230, one flat

State XCO Championships: 6th place O40s of 29 starters

3hrs of Dunsborough: 10th overall from 119 people, 1st Single Speed



State XCO Championships: 4th place O40s

3hrs of Dunsborough: 29th overall from 179 people, 1st Single Speed