Waeel’s Hope Mono RS & H + Son Archetype front wheel

Waeel asked us to build him a rear (replacement) wheel for his commuter roadie a few months ago. He then came back for a matching front wheel. Originally he’d thought of getting a 32 spoke wheel to match the rear. However front wheels are inherently stronger than rear wheels (all things being equal!), so on a commuter wheel-set, I was more than comfortable dropping the spoke count to 24 spokes with the sturdy H+Son Archetype rim. We laced the wheel 2-cross primarily because provides less stress on the hub flanges.

Hub: Hope Mono RD front hub red 24h
Rim: H + Son Archetype Grey 24h
Spokes: DT Competition Black
Nipples: DT Swiss 14mm Silver Brass
Lacing pattern: 2-cross