DT Swiss 350 Hybrid 6 bolt mtb hubset

DT Swiss says: HYBRID hubs feature increased wall thickness in the oversized shell, high load axles and oversized spoke interfaces. This is a complimentary by new hardened steel 24T ratchets, oversize bearings and steel rotors. Via this clever optimisation we have achieved a 150kg system weight classification with only a minimal weight increase compared to the same level MTB hub. The result is a gem of a hub that withstand huge torque loads, offers quick engagement and when used in combination with our HYBRID system components is part of an amazingly robust wheel set.

Melody says: The DT Swiss 350 Hybrid 6 Bolt ISO mtb hubset is a unique hubset design for wheels that are subject to greater static and torsional loads. The improvements made in strengthening the hub also make the 350 Hybrids perfect heavy duty applications including downhill, loaded bike touring, and bike packing.



Hubshell material: 7000 Heat Treated Aluminium

Weight: 199g (front) 382g (rear) Total: 581g (our scales)

Axle Standard: 100mm x 15 Thru & 110mm x 15mm boost (front): 142mm x 12 Thru & 148mm x 12mm Boost (rear)

Engagement: 24T Star Ratchet (15 degree), upgradable to 36T and 54T

Brake Interface: 6-Bolt (ISO)

Bearing size:  6902 (front) 6902 (rear)

Available drillings: 32/36

Freehub Body: Shimano  & XD (SRAM)

Colours: Black only.

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