How much does a set of custom wheels cost?

The cost of building a custom wheelset varies massively depending on the choice of components.  Most our our alloy wheelsets start at around $1000 AUD. Custom carbon wheels are typically over $2000.

Do you build eBike wheels?

Yes. We are experts in building and repairing eBike wheels. Check out or blogpost on building eBike wheels.

I have a set of hubs and rims. Can you build them for me?

Sure. We build and rebuild wheels with supplied components all of the time. We not going to give you grief if you buy a hub or rim online.  There are downsides with supplying your own components. We cannot determine if the products you buy will necessarily be the best choice or quality.  In terms of wheel design, some products just don’t work well together. Components such as rims can be far from straight or round, and this has implications for the build quality we can achieve. We build wheels in accordance to the manufacturers specifications (i.e. lacing patterns and spoke tension), however we are unable to warranty components if they are supplied by customers.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. There two aspects to our warranty in relation to our build quality and component warranty. All of our custom built wheels are guaranteed for any issue associated with the build quality and we will provide complementary wheel truing and spoke replacement for up to three years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, crash damage, or damaged caused by corrosion. We honour any manufacturers warranty against any flaws or defects on products that we supply. Most component manufacturers have warranties from 1 to 5 years. We do not however warranty any new of used components if they are supplied by customers.

Do you sell spokes?

Yes and no.  If you are looking for spokes (including custom cut spoke lengths), get in contact and we’ll do our best to help you. Please note however note however that we only provide this service for customers who visit our workshop. If you need measuring your hubs and rims, we charge a $20 consultation fee to measure your components and prepare your custom spoke lengths to within 0.5mm.

Can you repair my wheel?

Yes. We are experts in wheel repairs and keep in stock a large inventory of spare parts to allows us to do fast turn-around repairs. Most repairs involve wheel truing, spoke replacement, bearing replacement, and hub servicing.  However, repairing some ‘wheels systems’ can be difficult due to the unavailability of replacement parts. With proprietary wheels, the cost of repair is often more that the cost of replacing the wheel. If you’re not sure if your wheel can be repaired, bring it to our workshop for a quick assessment.

Do you repair carbon wheels?

We repair carbon wheels just like any other wheel, however if there is damage (or suspect damage) to the rim, we refer the rim (or wheel) to a qualified composites expert for an assessment. The cost of an assessment is typically between $160 and  $250.

Do you send wheels in the post?

Sometimes. Our core business is to provide excellence in wheel building for cyclists within Western Australia — a state that is almost 4 times the size of Texas. Meeting face-to-face with our customers is an important part of what we do. We also enjoy being able to provide practical support and service for our customers, because all wheels will need repair or servicing at some point in time. We have posted wheels to customers throughout Western Australia including regional centres such as Esperance, Albany, Broome and Karatha. If your are not from Western Australia, we’re happy to take your enquiry, however sending in the post is not the focus of our business.