Why Melody?


We’re wheel building specialists

We’ve built and repaired a lot of wheels. We’re are 100% focused on wheels. We’ve built wheels for all type of riders and bikes including road, mountain, fixed, cyclocross, folding, fat bikes, touring, tricycles, cargo bikes, eBikes, BMX, recumbents and many more. If it’s about wheels, we’re here to help.

We’re dedicated to quality

We take pride in the quality of our work and invest in numerous checks to ensure that our wheels are built to the highest standards when you receive them. At the end of the build process we record the spoke tension of every spoke in the wheel to document our work. Sure, it takes extra time, but it’s an essential process for assessing quality. We use the most advanced wheel building processes and the highest quality tools available to achieve the best results. We don’t rush things and we won’t sell a wheel if it doesn’t meet our high standards.

We guarantee our work

Whether we’re building you a custom wheelset, or repairing your existing wheel, we guarantee our work. With custom wheels, we provide complimentary wheel truing for the life of the rim and spoke replacement for up to three years. When repairing wheels, we undertake the highest quality wheel repairs and will provide detailed information on all work undertaken including diagnosis of the problem.