I have been following Melody Wheels on Instagram for a number of years. There are a handful of top quality wheel builders sharing their products on social media but the knowledge that Melody readily share is what sets them apart from many of the other builders. I have been following their work and advice and used some of it for my own small wheel building business. They have to be in the top 5 wheel builders worldwide. Keep up the good work guys.

Neil @ Moonglu, UK. https://www.moonglu.com/


I’ve had multiple sets of wheels trued or built by Adrian and his work is exceptional, his attention to detail second to none and his customer service outstanding. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Ben Jones, Leederville, WA

I hit the bike training pretty hard trying to get up for the UWCT Gran Fondo. So I have a better feel for the wheels now and I think they are awesome! During the last couple of weeks I have had countless Strava PR’s and even a few trophies. Although I didn’t finish anywhere near the front on the Gran Fondo, I still finished the event averaging slightly above 35km/hr which, considering the hills and limited training, I was pretty happy about. The thing that I most like about the wheels is that I don’t need to worry about them……they just get the job done. They climb with ease, brake like you want them to, and have remained true. The Bitex hubs roll beautifully as well.

Thanks for the build,

Joey Rawson, Perth, WA


Just a quick note on the training wheels Adrian built up for me for my wet weather bike, very happy with them, actually have them on the good bike at the moment and not sure when I might take them off!

Adrian is an excellent wheel builder and provides top notch service and advice.

Also great at servicing your existing wheels and giving them a new lease on life/performance.

Greg Walker, Perth, WA

Managed to put a few 100 kms on the wheels since Wed. Thanks for all your help in coming up with the final build spec. Your passion & knowledge of your craft were evident in answering my endless questions on hub / rim selection, lacing patterns, spoke selection / tensions & alloy vs brass nipple selection. The black anodised H Plus Son Archetype rims on Dura Ace hubs with DT Swiss Competition Race spokes has built up into a set of wheels that not only look good, but make the bike feel much more “alive” that the old Mavics. A few hours in the hills this morning showed how well the wheels handled the climbing up the rough chip & potholes of Turner Rd and descending down Canning Mills & Welshpool roads felt like the bike was on rails. No flex, stable, quiet, comfortable and fast to boot. I look forward to putting many more kms on these new hoops.

Many thanks for a job well done.

Bernie Roberts, Perth, WA

IMG_6114I knew my handbuilt wheels would be strong but I was still blown away by the quality, attention to detail and strength of my single speed wheels that Adrian built. I was looking for a special pair of wheels for my old titanium race bike and Adrian consulted with me and made some great suggestions for which components would suit me best. They ride incredible and after an unfortunate crash that completely snapped my front forks, my wheels were completely true without so much as a scratch! No carbon off the shelf wheels would have survived that! I would definitely recommend Melody Wheels to anyone looking for the best quality handbuilt wheels that will last.
Patrick Hazard, Mosman Park.


RamonI have to thank you for the course. You mention that a person will never look at wheels in the same way again, and that’s true for me, to the point where I have been going through my old wheels and finding just how sloppy and uneven they are. This course is the best thing that I have done for a long time, and I really enjoyed the emphasis on accurate iterations of work and verification, stuff that resonates with me. I really look forward to building lots and repairing more.
Ramon Gregory, Bayswater.

IMG_20150107_202721I was having a new frame made and whilst searching for a local wheel builder I came across Melody Wheels. I knew what I wanted and what the build would be because I had a similar set already built elsewhere. What I actually wanted though, was a person that just built wheels and is passionate about them and push bikes of course. The time Adrian took talking to me and answering my questions was great.  He is passionate and knows what he was talking about. When it came time to pick up my wheels I was blown away with the service.  Both wheels were wrapped and packed in boxes with tension and run out sheets for each wheel.  Adrian even showed me how to adjust the pre-load on the Chris King Hubs, but I reckon he will be doing that for me in the future. I am so happy with Melody Wheels that I’m having a second set of wheels built. Anyway, I know I’ll be just as happy with the experience this time around and into the future and cannot recommend his services highly enough.

John Moralee, Bedfordale WA.

Andrew_mtb2I gave Adrian the challenge of building a Rohloff hub into a Mavic rim a little while ago along with a Tune hub for the front wheel. The wheels run true in my Lynskey frame and have performed flawlessly. The build is fantastic as Adrian knows his craft. I rode the Munda Biddi trail (1000km) in November on the wheels and even with a stick completely locking the back wheel only a slightly bent spoke eventuated. The wheel still runs true. I’m not sure a factory wheel would have done the same. I’m now a convert to Melody Wheels custom builds thanks to Adrian’s skill.

Andrew Johnson, Woodbridge, WA.

IMG_20141129_154628The wheel building course was brilliant. I was hoping to come away with some knowledge that would allow me to true wheels but am confident of actually building wheels from start to finish. Adrian is a great teacher and makes the process easier to understand. As an added bonus I left with a pair of beautiful new wheels that are great to ride on (and ironically probably won’t need to be trued for a long time, if ever!). Great course Adrian – thanks again.

Ben Herrmann, Victoria Park, WA.

I had been speaking with Adrian on a few of our Dulwich Hill Cycling Club rides about him building me a set of custom wheels for my Trek Madone. We nutted out a few different styles or rims, Hubs and spokes. In the end I chose the H plus son Archetype rim ( black anodised) with White Industirie hubs and DT Swiss Aerolite spokes. The end result was just off the charts! These new wheels added a whole new dimension to my descending and climbing of hills. The wheels just felt way more responsive and with the quality hubs from White Industries I was able to roll past my fellow riders with ease. Adrian took some information from me with regards to what I wanted to achieve out of my rides and came up with some good suggested rims/hubs and spokes. I’m endorsing Adrian for his craftsmanship and passion for what he does.
Cameron Anthes, Hurlstone Park, NSW.