Wheel Repairs

We’ve repaired many thousands of bicycle wheels of all types and brands. We stock a huge range of spokes and bearings so we can fix most wheels as quickly as possible. We also stock a large number of spare parts from leading brands including DT Swiss, Hope, Campagnolo, Fulcrum, White Industries, Chris King, Mavic, Zipp, IndustryNine, and more.

There are 5 key elements involved in servicing and repairing a wheel:

  1. To adjust spoke tension to ensure that the wheel is true, has optimal/balanced spoke tension, and is dished (centred) correctly.
  2. To ensure that the hub bearing system is optimised so that the wheel spins freely with no ‘play’ or excessive bearing preload.
  3. To ensure that the freehub body (or drive system) provides secure engagement and that the drive components (pawl system or clutch plate) are cleaned and correctly lubricated,
  4. To ensure that all additional wheel components (tyres, rim tape, cassettes, disc rotors etc.) are in good condition and correctly mounted to the wheel.
  5. To clean and inspect the whole wheel for any signs of wear and damage.

When we undertake a wheel repair, we take into account of the above elements to ensure rider safety and optimal performance.

If you wish for us to service or repair your wheel, please note that we do not have a fixed service rate for wheels repairs. We have a minimum and maximum service fee from $50 to $110 per wheel. All wheels are different and we cannot know how much work will be required until we see the condition of the wheel. In some cases we’ll only discover a problem with a wheel after we commence working on it. Common challenges include seized components (nipples, threaded endcaps, rotor bolts), repairing damaged components (e.g. axle threads), and non-standard designs that require proprietary components and tooling. Rear wheels that need a full hub and freehub body overhaul will generally cost more than the equivalent front hub overhaul. Repairs that require the removal and re-installation of tubeless tyres and rim tape will generally take more time and cost more.  Issues around wheel design, components quality, and manufacturing tolerances can also create a number of challenges. In some situations we can successfully repair a wheel to a reasonable standard but are limited by the quality of the original components and construction. In a number of cases we may discover that a wheel cannot be repaired because of unseen/pre-existing damage or that a wheel is not cost effective to repair/rebuild with new components. In such cases we retain a minimum service fee of $25 for commencing work on the wheel.

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