We have professionally serviced and repaired thousands of wheels from all the common and uncommon brands. We take great care to repair and service all wheels to the highest standard possible. Our approach to wheel repairs is to look at each wheel as a whole rather than focus on just one issue that may be the most visible. Often there are underlying causes and additional problems that need to be addressed for wheels to perform at their best.

Our repair services include:

  • Wheel service (includes wheel truing, re-tensioning, dishing, bearing adjustment, cleaning, and inspection)
  • Wheel rebuild with replacement rim (new rim, existing spokes)
  • Cup and cone hub overhaul (new bearings and grease)
  • Hub cartridge bearing removal and installation
  • Freehub body servicing (bearing replacement, cleaning, lubricating, and filing splines)
  • DT Swiss hub servicing (including Star Ratchet, Hugi, 3 pawl, and 2 pawl hub overhauls)
  • Chris King R45 hub servicing
  • Campagnolo/Fulcrum hub servicing (with option to replace hub cups, cones, bearings and seals)
  • Axle replacement (and/or respacing)
  • Spoke tie and solder

A spare wheel service is available for road and track wheels so you can keep riding while your wheel is being repaired.

Wheel Repair Gallery