Bruce’s Record Rebuild

Bruce’s beautiful Llewellyn bike had an unfortunate impact in transit from the Audax Alpine Classic back to Sydney. Thankfully his rear wheel took most of the impact and the frame was undamaged. A replacement Ambrosio Excellight rim was too hard to source in Australian so we rebuilt his wheel with the DT RR440 Asymetric  Rim with eyelets. The offset spoke holds provide a much better tension ratio between the drive and non-drive spokes to build into a much stronger wheel. Once the decals have been removed, the new wheel has a similar look and classic feel to the Ambrosio wheel up front.

Rim: DT RR440 Asymmetric Rear, 32 hole.
Hub: Campagnolo Record 10 speed, 32 hole
Spokes: DT Competition (double butted), 290mm & 292mm
Nipples: 14mm brass DT nipples Silver
Pattern: 3-cross